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“I Made That!” Monday – Nutella Cake

Yes I said Nutella cake. Yummmmm. I am not a big baker, so this is a big deal for me, hence it making it onto this week’s “I Made That!” Monday.

This make is absolutely for you if you can’t get enough of the stuff, like my Boy, who celebrated his 28th birthday today.

I had to make him a cake, and once I read a Nutella recipe over at Suzie Speaks my inspiration meter was running wild. I’ve never baked anything with Nutella (or anything not victoria sponge, cookies or out of a box…) so I settled on a super easy sandwich cake recipe that I found here at Goodtoknow.

Nutella cake 1
The process of making. Please ignore the horrible tiles in my kitchen, I hate them!

It took an inordinate amount of willpower whilst spooning out the nutella not to stick the whole spoon in my gob. (I may have done that when finished. There were no witnesses so no-one will ever know for sure.)

I wish I’d been a little more patient though! By taking it out and prodding too soon it ended up with a weird-shaped surface, as it really wasn’t done yet!

At least covered with Nutella topping it wasn’t very noticeable!

Nutella cake 3
Complete with topping, sprinkles and candles. Not too shabby for a first time try.

It looked pretty good all done up, especially with those candles! It made a really good birthday cake for The Boy and tasted so yummy!

Notes for Next Time:

  • Don’t be impatient! I know the recipe says 20-25 minutes but I took it out and tested at barely 20, which didn’t do me any favours.
  • Wondering if it would look good covering the sides with Nutella too? Probably look more finished and nice, but would it be too much?
  • I feel like it needs marshmallows, but that’s just a personal preference.
  • I just want to re-iterate how easy this recipe was. It was essentially a Victoria sponge with added yumminess.
Nutella cake 4
All lit up ready to be wished on!

With the candles all lit up it looked pretty! Though, embarrassingly I managed to blow out half of the candles with the opening of the door to take it through to The Boy. Oops. Guess I’m only human!

Hayley Margaret

So are you a Nutella fan?


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