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Top Ten Tuesday – Book Based Brilliant Gifts

Top Ten Tuesday is a booky-themed blog event organised by The Broke and The Bookish. This week on Top Ten Tuesday is a free week and I was inspired to do something a little different. Here are some amazing book-based things from across the internet for the avid readers in your life! (Also known as a not-so-cleverly-disguised wish list).

  1. A Book On A Page / Shirt

    Bookonapage Alice in Wonderland

This is a brilliant gift for people who love reading and artwork! A whole entire book on a poster-sized print. There are many places online that supply these such as bookonapage, spineless classics or postertext.

Another option in the book-on-a theme are these awesome T-shirts from Litograps, who will put whole books on shirts or tote bags!

Litographs Wizard of Oz Shirt

2. A Bag About Books, or Made of a Book!

Where shhh happens.

I love bags and they’re always a good pick for readers – where else do we store our books? I haul my books to and from the library in a ratty old bag and I’d love one of these babies! Plus I love a good play on words.

This other option is amazing. It’s a bag made of a book. As in made out of a book. This awesome Etsy shop is selling books-turned-clutch bags. How adorable. Best present ever! 

More literal meaning to book-bag!

3. Book-themed jewellery

I love jewellery. I love books. Therefore, I adore book-jewellery. Here are three of many suggestions I found when doing research.

This cute bookworm ring supplied by Amazon. I like that it’s a twist ring, like a real worm! (It’s the small things).


I love this adorable necklace. Also so true. Too many books to read!

This necklace from this cute Etsy shop is amazing. Also amazingly great price!

Speaking of necklaces, I had to throw in this gem. Because, well. I do.

’nuff said.

4. A Library card ‘story’

If your gift recipient is a close loved one, you could create one of these lovely library card stories, this one from Not On The High Street.

What would your story look like?

This is a great idea for a book lover on an anniversary or Valentine’s day – providing you can remember the correct dates!

5. Book-wrapped pencils

This may just be for me, because I saw them and got very excited. Over at Bouncing Ball Creations Etsy shop they sell sets of pencils wrapped in book pages. Amazing. Look at these great Harry Potter pencils (of course Harry Potter, I am ever the Potter-head.)

I’d be the envy of all I work with. 

Those are some things I want for my birthday great gifts for your nearest and dearest book-lovers this year! I hope you enjoyed this slightly different edition of Top Five Tuesday! I enjoyed putting it together!

Hayley Margaret

Are you a book-lover? Any of these gifts appeal to you?

Image credits: Bookonapage Alice, Litograph Wizard shirt, library bag, Pride and Prejudice, so many books, big books, library card, Potter Pencils.


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Book Based Brilliant Gifts

  1. A dear friend surprise-gifted me one of the Litograph shirts with Agatha Christie’s The Secret Adversary on it. I hardly ever wear it because I would crumble into a million pieces if anything happened to it! Like I would probably buy the pencils but be too afraid to sharpen them 😉

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  2. Oh man…I want ALL of these^^ That’s the thing with bookish gifts, I can’t even look at them because I end up needing them all XD T-shirts, totes, jewelry…and that Story of Us library card story is perfection ♥ Oh and Harry Potter ANYTHING is a win for me LOL! Thanks for sharing these!

    Liked by 1 person

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