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Weekly (or monthly) Small Pleasures. A January Wrap Up.

Can anyone else believe it’s already the end of January? It seems last week I was mourning the last vestiges of festivity and now suddenly a whole month has passed.

It’s nice that the end of January is a Sunday, it means I can turn this edition of Weekly Small Pleasures into a monthly celebration of good things.

If you’re unfamiliar, Weekly Small Pleasures is a lovely little blog event led by Mani at A New Life Wandering. It’s so easy to join in, just share with everyone the things – big or small – that have made your week a little brighter. These are some of my monthly highlights.

In life:

  1. The boy and I bought our first car! (Mostly him because I can’t drive, but I’ve taken over the very important job of audio entertainment coordinator). This development means that I’ll finally have to stop putting off taking driving lessons! Which is a bit of a chore, but I’ve meant to for years so I’m glad to have a reason to motivate myself to do it.
  2. I got a promotion at work! I won’t go too far into whether or not my job is the right place for me, or that like so many, I wish I could be doing something that made me happier, but even so, being recognised and appreciated is still rare and special and I’m happy that I seem to have been both on this occasion.
  3. It was The Boy’s birthday this month. I baked him a Nutella cake and we visited Nottingham’s Cat Cafe (fully recommended, for food and cute kitties!)


Here on the blog:

  1. I was nominated by the lovely Christa for a Sunshine Blogger award. I really enjoyed answering the questions she posed.
  2. I tried writing another book review. I’m a big reader and it’s nice to share that with you all. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August was a great book and I’ll definitely be sharing other fantastic books if and when I read them!
  3. I extended my TBR even more by adding five more books to my list and sharing them on a Top Ten Tuesday post.


Some of my favourite things on other blogs this month:

  1. This hilarious commentary on writing an academic paper from Alex at Still Life With Grad Student
  2. Over at awesme film-reviewing headquarters, duo Christa and Jillian both covered 1944 noir classic Laura, which I loved (film and reviews both!) and Christa also posted a really cool A-Z. It was great to learn more about one of my fave bloggers!
  3. Over on Dearlilyjune I read a post I really admired on rebound relationships and being kind to those whose hearts we hold. It was both interesting and a great message to pass on.
  4. Tabitha at The Sewing Nook made a beautiful dress!
  5. Martie on A Hair in my Biscuit shared some lovely artwork and celebrated her 100th Etsy sale, Congratulations!

To see other people’s Small Pleasures, search the tag or check out Mani’s post!

February is here tomorrow and with it for me comes a trip to Bruges, the new album by The 1975 and turning 26. It’s gonna be a good month!

Hayley Margaret

Those were my favourite January moments, at home, here on A Stitch To Scratch and on some of my favourite followed blogs. What were your small pleasures this month?



12 thoughts on “Weekly (or monthly) Small Pleasures. A January Wrap Up.

  1. Glad you were able to link up! And yes, January seemed to have gone really fast, actually I feel like November and December did too. This winter is going by in a flash. Spring hasn’t even started yet and I’m already not looking forward to Summer. Unpopularly (made up word), it’s my least favourite season. Happy February!

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  2. This is so lovely, thank you for the mentions. I love that you’ve recapped on a traditionally low key month and made it sound awesome! I love all your posts but mostly I enjoy the insights into who you are, ‘cos you’re amazing 💗

    Liked by 1 person

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