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“I Made That!” Monday – Infinity Scarf

Isn’t it terrible weather? Well, I guess that depends on whereabouts you are. But here, it’s pretty horrifically cold and windy and miserable. To cheer – and warm – myself up, I decided my next project should be a nice new scarf.

In my latest issue of Love Sewing I received a small booklet of easy projects to try, one of which was a jersey (knit) fabric infinity scarf, which sounded just about perfect.

I picked up this fabric from a local market. I’ve seen it called jersey or knit in several different contexts, but I don’t know if there’s a difference between those two terms, or just that it’s more likely known by another term in the UK as opposed to the US for example (see pavement vs sidewalk). If anyone could clear this terminology up for me?

Infinity Scarf 1
Love this vibrant pattern!

Anyway, it’s nice stretchy fabric with this awesome geometric pattern on that I love. I think the black-and-pink combo screams out at me from my days as a grungy teenager.

I was nervous about sewing with the stretchy kind of fabric again. I’ve not made anything with it since my first attempt (this time last year) at actual clothing with Colette’s Sorbetto shirt pattern, which if I’m honest, didn’t go so well and put me off making clothes for a while.

When I bought this cool fabric though, the seller only had another meter and half left on the roll and decided to give the rest to me at considerable discount. Which means even after I’d made my scarf there’d be heaps left – time to be brave and try some more clothing methinks!

I didn’t take many photos throughout this particular project – to be honest it didn’t take too long and I was in the zone for most of it, so just completely forgot, but here’s a selfie of me wearing my finished piece:

Infinity Scarf 2
Fully feel like I’m back in my teens with the angle of this photo…

Notes for Next Time:

1. Sewing with the stretchy fabric was something new (since Sorbetto) and I found it a lot easier this time around. I don’t know whether it’s a case of more experience or that I’m actually doing something different but I was happy that I had very few problems with the actual sewing of the fabric.

2. The construction of the scarf was another matter entirely. When sewing the final bits 41JlJkqv02L._SY300_QL70_together, I did not fold half of the scarf back in on itself to make a tube, I just sewed around the edges of both ends, right sides together. This made me a completed scarf. Completely inside out. Nomatter how I tried to turn it through, I ended up with a tubular scarf that looked more like those rubbish water wiggly things from the 90’s that you can’t get a proper grip on.

I admit I had a little huff and moaned to The Boy that I didn’t understand how to fix it. He calmed me down and found me this awesome youtube video that instructs exactly how to sew an infinity scarf.

(Note, when she turns it half inside out, that’s the bit I didn’t do.)

So with solution in hand, I chopped right through my scarf until it was one long tube again, and continued. If you’re going to sew an infinity scarf, I’d recommend watching this video. Maybe it’s common sense and I was supposed to see how it would come together and naturally sew it this way, but alas. At least I fixed it in the end! I do think, common sense notwithstanding, that Love Sewing could stand to restructure their instructions a bit, if only for likeminded people who wouldn’t necessarily think to do this when told to “sew the ends together“.

3. This was my first time using a zig-zag stitch in any meaningful way on my machine! I’m glad I made this out of stretchy material so I could try a new kind of stitch. I wonder if not using a zig-zag is part of where I went wrong with Sorbetto?

4. Even though I followed the cutting instructions, my scarf turned out really long. Don’t get me wrong, I love that it can go around three times and still have the oomph to look great, but I can’t figure out how it happened…oops!

Infinity Scarf 3


So now I have quite a lot of this fabric left, and I’m thinking it might make a cute dress if I can be brave enough to try! (I have a long-forgotten Colette pattern for the Moneta dress, to be made with stretchy knit, maybe this will restore my dressmaking fire?)

If I do, I will just have to remember not to wear both dress and scarf at same time, that may look a tad odd. For now, I’ll be wearing my new favourite accessory a lot.




Hayley Margaret

What have you been getting creative with this Monday?


19 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Infinity Scarf

  1. Good on you for facing your stretchy demons! I think the left over fabric would be great for your Moneta dress. I’m no fabric expert but as I would understand it, knit is like stretch, more of a category of fabric. Jersey is like a subcategory if that makes sense. So something can be a knit without being jersey, but not be a jersey without being also a knit. Like cotton is a woven, but all wovens are not cotton. (I could be wrong here, so I will look forward to being corrected if so.) In NZ we battle with both UK and US terminology all the time, and sometimes a bit of Ausi too!

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  2. Ok that scarf looks awesome! You’ve really gotten me interested in sewing 🙈 I just ordered some nice fleece fabrics online and am wanting to make a little soft toy for Lilly ☺️ Though I’m sure I’ll ruin it 😂 Any recommendations for easy patterns for a beginner?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! It’s awesome that you’re going to give it a try! I can’t wait to see what you make! I definitely recommend the Elephant pattern I used to make Nelly and the two I mentioned on that post – I think for a turtle and t-rex? Also (because I got the soft-toy bug, now I just need the kids to make them for) I recently came across this tutorial for a stuffed owl which I love so much! Hope any of these help! 🙂

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  3. Super cute! I made a bunch of these for a while, and the closing part was the kicker. Once you figure it out, though, it’s not so bad! I had to watch a video, too. Great job!!

    It’s nasty cold here, and has snowed all day. Shame none of it is sticking!

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, closing it gave me a lot of grief, but I felt so happy and proud of myself when I did it right! (Definitely wouldn’t have twigged without the video help though!) Now I get it though, they’re going to be my new favourite thing to make!
      It’s a shame your snow isn’t settling, it looks so pretty when it does! 🙂


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