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In My Dreams [A Crafty Birthday Wishlist]

Because it’s my birthday coming up I thought it would be fun to collate a list of my crafty most-wanted things (and then potentially accidentally link The Boy over here for some inspiration because I think he’s struggling this year!)

There are a lot of things I’d like for my birthday, but for the purposes of being succinct, I’ll stick to a top 5 crafty-themed list!

I’ve already got one of these, but I’ve had it 18 months713vlGIdrdL._SL1431_ now and it’s sliced up worse than
our chopping boards in the kitchen! They’re invaluable in cutting fabric without hurting my surfaces or myself (plus point) and they’re actually really good for measuring and using as a ruler!


  • Fabric

Because, of course. There’s so many different fabrics I want to try! I have so many in my stash already but it’s always good to have more right? I particularly adore this cat print jersey fabric. It’s destined to be my next infinity scarf!


  • A dress form / dressmakers dummy

ditsymikejuly2_190x525_134x370If I’m going to be getting into making actual wearable things, I would adore a proper dress form to work with in my sewing corner. I’m a little in love with this Ditzy Rose Dress FormHow wonderful would it be to construct garments around one of these adjustable lovely things! This is my absoulte dream, but I know they cost more than is sensible! (Maybe when I win the lottery!)

I love that it’s adjustable too, so that I can mould items to different sizes, meaning I can make things for other people (and myself and my ever-fluctuating waistline..)

How much easier would it be to measure pieces on a mannequin instead of having to pin around yourself? Has anyone got one? Are they amazing?



Man, does the crafter in me really want a glue gun!8ea2f1c2f0956675486d34ad9e89deb639149ed901284d5c734637fd0c530c26 Just think of all the sticking I could do! I’ve found so many amazing things to make using a glue gun, I could make my own Harry Potter wand or do something like these awesome rope coasters (we all know I love a good coaster). This adorable rainbow frame is inspired by glue gun dots, and just look at these amazing glue-gun-made snowflakes. I might have to save these for the 12 Crafts of Christmas this year!


  • Time

This last one is a bit of a cheat, but also very true. I have so many ideas buzzing around my head to make, that very few actually make it through to completion. What I’d like is time to sit down and make things, more than I manage now, with my full-time job and busy busy life. When I get back from my birthday trip to Belgium I’m going to work on carving out a schedule of time just for me to get crafty. Even a half-hour after dinner each night would be lovely!

My birthday is Wednesday, but I’m going away for a few days on Monday! I’ll try and be organised and schedule some posts for this week, otherwise the next time you’ll be hearing from me, I’ll be raving about Bruges ❤

Hayley Margaret

That’s what’s on my Birthday Wish List. What’s on yours? Anything crafty?


14 thoughts on “In My Dreams [A Crafty Birthday Wishlist]

  1. A good list for a crafty person 😊 I hope you manage to get most of these for this birthday! That dress makers dummy looks particularly fun! I’ve ordered a bunch of fabrics, needles and filling to try my hand at making a soft toy for Lilly 🙂 Your Nelly the elephant has inspired me to try!

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