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The A – Z of the Birthday Girl

If you hadn’t picked it up, today is my birthday. (Or it should be if this is posted when it was scheduled to be). To celebrate, I decided to partake in a little thing that’s been making it’s way through blogs near and far. The A – Z of me. I’ve read quite a few now, but direct inspiration comes from all-round awesome Christa of A Voluptuous Mind. Go read hers!

Last year on my birthday I wrote about 25 things that make me, me and I thought this was a nice little continuation of that post. So if you want to know a little more about me, read on for my own personal alphabet.

A- Age: 26 today!

B – Bruges, Belgium: I am here right now on a birthday trip, and although I pre-wrote this, I’m sure I love it. It’s a fairytale city, right?

C – Chores: I’m good with most things. My most-hated is taking the bin out. (I never do this. Just ew.)

D – Dad: I’m such a daddy’s girl. My dad is still my hero. ❤

E – Essentials: Items always found in my handbag include phone, iPod, lipstick, ibuprofen (I get a lot of dehydration headaches) and a foldaway shopping bag because I am apparently prematurely middle-aged.

F – Friends: I have the best friends a girl could ask for, both my RL girls and the amazing blogging buddies I’ve come to know the last year or so.

G – Glasses: I never had to wear glasses up to a couple of years ago, and so I find it really hard to wear them for no other reason than that I just forget. Now I try to remember to wear them pretty much all the time at home so I get used to them. Maybe I’ll eventually remember to put them on when I need them that way.

H – Harry Potter: I don’t think I’m eloquent enough to put into words how one book series is so deeply wormed into my life. It’s the fiction I always return to, the world I grew up in love with and so will always hold that special place inside me reserved for those things that we are truly touched by.

I – Ice Hockey – My favourite sport.

J – Juggling: I can’t do it, because I’m very clumsy.

K – Knock Knock: Who’s there? “Interrupting cow.” (Do you know how this one ends?)

L – Lipstick: M.A.C lipstick is my little treat to myself. I have 5 gloriously coloured shades that I wear with total abandon. Next I want a beautiful fuscia pink ❤

M – Mexican food: Is the best thing ever.

N – Nintendo: I rock at Mario Kart. (I’m modest too.)

O – Online: I love my online presence. I’m so proud of this blog, and I’m thinking of starting a separate Instagram account specifically blog-related (thanks Christa! xo) and also considering starting to sell a few of my makes online – if only to keep my crafty space clear for new things – so I might be a few more places online soon too!

P – Peeve: Being patronised or condescended to. No. Go away.

Q – Quiet: I hate it. Silence really freaks me out. You will always find me with some kind of noise. Podcasts are great to listen to in the background while I’m crafting!

R – Robin Hood: Is the one thing people recognise about my hometown. Robbing the rich to give to the poor isn’t a bad sentiment to be known for I guess!

S – Selfies: Guilty as charged. Though I don’t think it’s something to be guilty about. When struggling with your self-image the last thing you want to see is yourself. You actively avoid mirrors and photographs. Taking selfies takes that fear and turns it around. It says this is me and I am beautiful. I am not afraid to photograph myself. It means everyday I get more comfortable with what I look like, and that is something I am proud of, not ashamed.

T – Tea: A cup of tea is an absolute essential for me. I have one every morning when I wake, and every evening when I get in from work. Non-work days usually see me upping that to three or four cups a day. The caffeine is probably bad for me, but I can’t function properly without my tea!

U – Unable to: Drive. But I will be learning soon!

V – Vegetables: Love them. Always have. Everything except carrots. Which are The Boy’s favourites. Go figure.

W – Water: As mentioned previously, I let myself get dehydrated a lot. I never drink enough and will inevitably end up with a headache. A goal of mine this year was to drink more water!

X – X-Ray: I’ve only ever had one, during the time in which I broke my leg falling off a skateboard (okay I’m exaggerating. I put a foot on it and slipped like in a comedy film. Remember what I said re: being clumsy?). I was in hospital for a week and still have two permanent pins in my bone holding it together.

Y – Yellow: My occasional favourite colour. It’s sunshine bright and cheerful. plus it’s the colour of daffodils and daisies, my favourite flowers.

Z – Zodiac: Aquarius. The water-bearer. Which is slightly ironic. I bear it but don’t drink it.

The End!

At the end of last year’s post, I set myself a few goals to complete by this birthday. I’m happy to report that not only did we move out of our drippy flat, we bought our own home. I am managing to maintain my wibbly weight at at least 1st less than last year, and though I didn’t get a new job, I did get a promotion. That counts right? I’m saying that counts.

I won’t be setting myself goals for the next year, because although I am continually trying to better myself, to be honest I’m in a pretty good place and I can’t pinpoint anything that I want to say, that is something I want to do by next year. 

I’d love to pass this A-Z on to some of you to continue the movement of this meme across the internet. I hope I’ve inspired you to write your own A-Z and I hope you enjoyed mine!

Hayley Margaret

Happy Birthday to me! What does your A- Z look like?



12 thoughts on “The A – Z of the Birthday Girl

  1. This is such a great insight into you, HM! I love it. I too am very clumsy, so I know we’d get on very well IRL. I think you’re fabulous and perfect the way you are with nothing you need to change, but even so the things you want to work on are cool.

    I’m a big fan of looking back year to year so this has been a great post. Happy birthday to you my love, I hope you’re having a blast! xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love hearing other people are clumsy too, it makes me feel so much better! I absolutely think we’d get on IRL! Thanks for your loveliness, even if I’m so behind responding! 🙂 xx


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