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Re-fashion: Jeans Pocket Bunting

Recently I’ve been playing with re-purposing and up-cycling old and worn clothes!

We’ve had a number of old and worn jeans being removed from our wardrobe lately and I’ve been harvesting as much as I can from them. The large pieces of denim have gone into my bulging fabric stash, being incorporated into projects like the ears on my Nelly the Elephant!

As for the pockets, I’ve been removing them and saving them up for something special, and I’ve finally figured out what!

Jeans pocket bunting

Bunting constructed from jeans pockets! All I’ve done is cut around the pockets and left an inch or so of denim at the top of the pocket, folded this over and sewed along it, creating a small tunnel. I threaded a needle with parcel string and used this to string the pockets up in a chain!

Jeans pocket bunting

I really love the contrast of the different types of denim and the parcel string! The only thing is I can’t figure out where to hang it!

I think it’d maybe be cute to hang around a crib or in a nursery with adorable stuffed toys in the pockets! Maybe I’ll keep it safe until such a time. (But shhh, I’m not mentioning nurseries to The Boy anytime soon!)

Sidenote: I’ve been playing with the idea of starting an Instagram account especially for blog-related awesomeness! If you’re interested you can find it here, or by the button in the sidebar!

Hayley Margaret

I’m thinking of making this clothes re-purposing a new feature on the blog, what do you guys think?


11 thoughts on “Re-fashion: Jeans Pocket Bunting

  1. Do you have a fireplace in your house? It would be cute strung across the mantle! You could tuck silk flowers in the pockets, or some other such decor. Great and adorable idea! 😊

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  2. Great idea! I think you should put it somewhere where it’ll be handy to have the pockets to stuff little things into… Hmm I’m thinking I may make something similar 😀

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