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Tutorial: Old T-shirt To A Workout Tank Top

Today I’m going to share the details of one of my favourite life-hacks to get the last bit of life out of your shirts. I’m on a big clothing refashioning kick at the minute! I’ve already talked about what I do with old jeans pockets, now T-shirts!

Every so often we all have those t-shirts that are nearing the end, and when that happens to me I like to hack them up and turn them into a cute tank top for working out or super casual lazing around. This came about when one of my favourite t-shirts – a super comfy Guns’n’Roses number – started wearing real thin around the sleeves.

To celebrate my guest-posting over on Organising Chaos about awesome ways to re-purpose your old clothes I’m going to take you through step by step how I do this!

To make it even better, you don’t even need to sew anything! This being said, with no finishing of edges your finished tanks won’t last forever, but then, we’re just trying to eke a bit more life out of them, aren’t we?

Here’s the shirt I started with this time:


Sometimes I do this little trick with old shirts, and sometimes I go out and buy one to alter. This is usually when shops are selling very cheap men’s shirts with cool designs (and not in a women’s style. Not cool.) This is the latter.

So here goes:

Step-by-step t-shirt to tank

  1. Lay out your t-shirt.Make sure you really want to cut it up
  2. Take some scissors and cut off the sleeves, making sure to be including the sleeve seam in the section removed. Also cut around the neckline. If you’re wanting to lower the neckline for your tank – which I do – you can cut this here or leave until later.
  3. Flip it over. Although it’s not too visible in the picture, cut a V into the back of the shirt to about a quarter of the way down or until about level with the bottoms of your arm-holes.
  4. Put the shirt aside for a second. Take one of the sleeves and cut off the end.
  5. Cut the strip of cuff once, so that it becomes one long strip of fabric reinforced with stitching.
  6. Taking the back of the shirt again, gather the two back sides of your tank together. Tie your strip of fabric around them and wrap the rest around the straps creating a single back strap.Tie again to secure at the bottom.
  7. Flip the shirt back over, try it on at this point to check the neckline. If it’s too high, just give it a trim until it reaches a comfortable level.
  8. Voila, an old or boring t-shirt becomes perfect for the gym or slobbing about at home in style.

Picture 1


Finished tank. Should have thought about the bright bra straps before, but oh well.
I have also toyed with cutting the bottom of the shirt to create a more floaty shape, but sometimes depending on the type of fabric, this causes the bottom to roll up annoyingly, so use your judgement!

I hope this little walkthrough helps you to get that last little bit more out of your old t-shirts, maybe giving them a new lease of life in your workout outfits! If you fancy some more ideas of ways to re-invigorate your wardrobe please feel free to head over to Organising Chaos and check out my guest post – and the rest of Itzi’s fabulous blog!



Hayley Margaret

What do you do with your old t-shirts? Do you throw them out or get creative with them?


8 thoughts on “Tutorial: Old T-shirt To A Workout Tank Top

  1. What a great idea! I hate it when stores don’t carry women’s sizes in nice shirts, only catering to the men 😦 now excuse me while I go raid my husbands closet for shirts he doesn’t wear anymore but I like πŸ˜‚ If he freaks out when he comes home to find his shirts in pieces on the living room floor, I shall direct him to this blog πŸ˜‚

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