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Harry Potter Moment of The Week:

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is an amazing little blog event hosted over at Uncorked Thoughts and Lunar Rainbows. It’s an amazing little blog event in which each week’s topic is Potter-themed!

This week’s Harry Potter MOTW is: Would you want to be a Parseltongue? Why?/Why Not?


Absolutely. I would love to speak Parseltongue! I’ve always wished I had the dedication to learn a language, and this one is talking to snakes! Also as far as I understand it, I don’t even have to learn. I just am able. Sounds good to me!

As for the Parseltongues = bad guys thing, well we have Harry to thank for disproving that. Although I may want to be careful about who I told about my new skill. Some people can be dicks about things like speaking to snakes, eh Harry?


If you want to be able to speak Parseltongue, you can use this fun little translator!


To see what other people thought go to the post over at Lunar Rainbows or check out the tag!

Hayley Margaret

Would YOU like to be a Parseltongue?


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of The Week:

  1. YAY! Someone who agrees with me this week 😀 I feel the same way! I’d love to communicate with animals and the way I see it, Parseltongue would be useful even if you’re terrified of snakes – you could tell them to go away! I think I’d use it to make friends with snakes though (hopefully) Anyway, I agree with you on having Harry to thank for removing some of the stigma there^^ Oh and thanks for sharing that little translator – that was equal parts cool and creepy – especially when I put my name in XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! I spent half an hour trying to figure out if I could download the clip of my name and use it as my blog signature for this post but gave up haha. It was incredibly creepy! But definitely cool. Thanks for commenting and agreeing! 🙂


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