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“I Made That!” Monday – Hen Party Fun

Today’s “I Made That!” Monday share is a little bit of a cheat to be honest, but I wanted to share with you all anyway!

This weekend I’ve been uber busy with the Hen Party of a dear friend of mine. You may recall the foray into candle making for her upcoming nuptials. The Maid of Honour and I went a little crazy with the handmade decorations and games, so I thought I’d share them with you all (plus they’ve taken up all my time and so I’ve not made anything else for a while!)

Note: as is typical with Hen Party frivolity, there may be the odd (or frequent) jokey rudeness.

Hen Party 1
Gotta love all the glitter!

We made this lovely glittery strung sign (because who doesn’t like a bit of glitter and Beyonce, eh?) This may have been my favourite thing to come out of our crafting brainstorming, and the picture doesn’t quite do justice to how shiny and awesome it was, but trust me, it rocked.

Hen Party 5


We made several of these pastel garlands. Pastel colours are going to be used mainly in the wedding so we thought we’d mix them into the Hen Party decorations too, they were so easy that we knocked out a bunch to go around the whole space. Simple but effective!



Hen Party Game

We also made this bit-of-a-laugh game in which laminated willies were stuck on a perfectly accurate rendition of the groom, whilst blindfolded. (Don’t judge me for the stick man, I’m a crafter, not an artist!). I got to use my laminator, which makes me happy, because I’m a weirdo like that. The game went down so well, everyone had a good laugh playing it!

Hen Party f
You’ve Been Framed

This frame has to be my favourite of the pieces we made. Spotted by the Maid of Honour on Pinterest, a giant photo frame was a logistical nightmare, but it was excellent when finished! We reinforced the sides with lots of card, and then covered over the ugly scaffolding with (even more) pretty card! I think it was a hit, a lot of fun photos were taken with it over the weekend, including this one of me, in which I’m incredibly proud of myself, ha. Special props also go to one of the bridesmaids for her beautiful writing along the bottom! Very classy, unlike the glittery penises we covered it with.

If anyone is planning their own Hen Party, some of the games we played included the blindfolded pin-the-penis game, another blindfolded game in which you had to try to kiss a picture of the groom, the classic make-a-wedding-dress-out-of-toilet-paper and a what-age-was-the-bride quiz, featuring a cork board with a selection of photos of our beautiful bride at varying ages.

I had a lovely weekend celebrating with her, but now I’m rather exhausted. Please accept this “I Made That!” Monday offering, because it’s all I’ve made the last couple weeks.

(That’s a small fib, I’ve been doing some refashions of old clothing but I’m too organised to put them here, they have a section of posts all their own – coming soon!)

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend too, whatever your plans!

Hayley Margaret

What have you seen made / played at a Hen Party? I’m going to need new inspiration for the next friend!


7 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Hen Party Fun

  1. How cute! I bet you all did have a blast. For future reference: if you don’t mind going to an “adult” store (I’m old and married and we’re allowed), you can find penis cap erasers and penis drinking straws! Hilarious. If Coach and I go on date night, we always bring my sister Jimmie one of these fun “thank-you gifts” for babysitting. She turns beet red and shoves it in a drawer every time! Lol!

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