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Refashion: Jumper to Leg Warmers

I love a good pair of leg warmers, especially seeing as it’s still pretty cold around here. There’s just something about your feet and ankles being encased in extra woolly warmth that I appreciate, and I don’t have enough pairs by any means.

So when I spotted this thick winter jumper in a local charity shop for pittance, I decided to have a go at turning the sleeves into a new pair of leg warmers.

Leg warmers 1.jpg
Y’know. Just because.

It sort of shows how much this hobby is taking over my life, that I look at clothes in shops thinking,Β those sleeves would make excellent leg warmers.Β Ha!

This was sort of a trial-and-error process. While I’ve seen various before/after photos of sleeves to leg warmer I didn’t actually have any instructions, which meant I just winged it and hoped for the best.

Leg warmers 2

I used the wrist cuffs as the end that is visible around your ankle as it’s finished professionally already and much less effort than the other end!

Leg warmers 3

Because the other end was misshapen and baggy – meant for an upper arm, not a foot – I put it on and positioned it and then just cut away any extra fabric. Then I sewed the cut edges up and miraculously had something the shape of my foot!

Leg warmers 4

I folded over the cuff at the top and secured it by sewing on a button through both layers. I thought these buttons went quite well with the grey wool.

Leg warmers 5

I wore them straightaway with jeans and plain black boots, and not only did they keep my feet extra warm but they also gave that little bit extra something to a boring outfit.

Leg warmers 7

I’ve now worn them three times so I consider this endeavour a success. I’m definitely now on the lookout for cheap jumpers in all different colours to boost my collection of leg warmers.


As for the rest of the jumper? Well I reused that as well of course! Stay tuned next week to see what it became!

Hayley Margaret
Leg warmers: yea or nae for you?



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