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“I Made That!” Monday – Kitchen Kitsch

I’ve not been around much the last couple weeks, because we’ve been single-mindedly decorating our kitchen!

We don’t have enough money to have a whole new kitchen so unfortunately the unsightly cupboards and units are staying for now, but they’re not so offensive to me now that the rest of the room is fresher. Have some before and after shots!

kitchen before after 2
I hated those tiles. SO MUCH. Thank god for tile paint. 

There was wallpaper everywhere. I mean, who wallpapers their ceilings? It was horrid, and we removed it with some trepidation because who knew what was under there?

They must have been trying to hide something right? But no, someone just decided to wallpaper over a perfectly good ceiling. Weird.

kitchen before after 1

The Boy was worried about this delicious darker blue colour but I steamrollered convinced him into it, because it’s lovely (now he agrees!).

kitchen before after 3
Please ignore our fence panels in the garden there. Should have staged photograph better!

Because I couldn’t decorate a room and not add handmade pretty things I ordered this super sweet blue plaid fabric from eBay (bargain!) and made a table runner and basic curtain to cover a gap we have under the work top. I guess someone had a dishwasher there once? Now it just holds our bins, so the curtain is a nice little cover-up!

curtain and table runner

I have loads of this fabric left and my next project is seat cushions for the chairs. Maybe some hot pan holders. All the kitchen accessories I can think of in this lovely fabric.

The table runner is a little wonky, but in general I’m pleased with them. I made the curtain 150% longer than it needed to be so it would gather, which I like a lot.

All that’s left to do is sit in it and enjoy with a lovely cup of tea (I happen to be doing just this right now) and some of  my favourite bloggers to catch up on now the work is done!

Hayley Margaret

 So what have you been making lately?


19 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Kitchen Kitsch

    1. Thanks! Aha, I could fib and say yes – we did in the living room! – but no. We tried to take it off the wall and it really didn’t want to come off. We figure we’ll have someone replace them sometime so just saved some paint for then! But shh, you can’t tell!


    1. Thank you! I wish we could have done a massive overhaul but oh well. I’m really pleased with how different it looks and feels with just a coat of paint here and there! Yeah I love that fabric, one day I’ll get around to matching seat cushions…one day..! 🙂

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