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“I Made That!” Monday – Baby Bunting

I’ve made bunting before. I love bunting. I think it’s super cute and like to make it as a baby gift for any new parents that I know.

The Boy’s brother-in-law recently celebrated a new addition to their family, so: bunting time again!

I found a pack of fat quarters in these adorable elephant prints and coordinating flowers. I really like elephants (my sewing mascot Nelly is my favourite recent make!) and in these girly pinks and creams I think they look lovely.

bunting 3

Instead of sewing fabric letters onto the triangles I decided to try embroidering them on instead. I enjoyed getting my embroidery skills on again, but I worry the pink embroidery thread gets lost in the busy pink fabric. Even if it does, it’s still cute right?

bunting 4

Aren’t the elephants just the cutest things? Though I really like the butterflies too! It annoys me a little that the fabric pattern is visible through the white bias binding at the top but that’s just the perfectionist in me piping up.

bunting 1

We gifted the bunting this weekend and it was very well received! I’m always happy when someone really loves something I’ve made as a gift. I salvaged some of this amazing fabric from the leftovers and am already wondering what adorable baby accessories I can incorporate them into (I just really love those elephants!)

Notes for Next Time

  • Get thicker bias tape! It really bugs me that you can see the fabric through it! Maybe the stuff I have is just rubbish quality?
  • Be steadier when embroidering. On the whole the letters turned out lovely and I was happy with them, but that ‘E’ is a little rumpled and I think I pulled the thread too tight. Don’t do this next time!
  • More elephants.

Since my last post a while ago I’ve been having a bit of a hectic time, hence the lack of posts the past three weeks, hopefully life has calmed down and I have lots of awesome ideas to make a reality and blog about (starting with the rest of that grey jumper from the leg warmer refashion and my new favourite refashioned summer jacket!)

That’s what I’ve been making, how about you?

Speaking of ‘making’, one of my favourite bloggers, Jillian over at The Pink Panther Snipes made an awesome secret book stash ala this one I did a while back. It’s great and you should go check it out, and then stick around and check out all of her brilliantly snarky film reviews because they’re fabulous too!

Happy Monday!

Hayley Margaret



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