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Refashion: Two Jumpers to Dress

I’ve been going through a phase of trawling charity shops for interesting pieces of clothing I think have got potential to be changed up a little bit into something that really works for me. This post is about one of those things, namely this wintery-patterned woolly jumper:

Leg warmers 1

Previously I’ve mentioned how I bought this jumper for pittance and turned the sleeves into leg warmers:



After that project I had a whole torso of jumper to work with that I didn’t want to throw away, because it was lovely stretchy grey wool and I’m always game for a winter-looking pattern.

Winter dress 1

I found this second jumper for just £1 and decided to try and merge the two into a bit of a loungey winter dress, using the top portion of the second jumper and the remaining torso of the first as the skirt.

Winter dress 3

I cut the top-jumper just above the waist (it was even, this picture just makes it look like I hacked away randomly!)

Winter dress 4

Where I joined the two pieces up I sewed a French seam and threaded elastic through the channel to cinch it in a bit. In the finished article I don’t like this bit as much as I thought and will probably go back and change it when I can decide what to do. Because the fabric is quite thick, having a French seam around the middle feels and looks a bit bulky. I didn’t think about that before I sewed it, I just thought about a nice concealed elastic strip! (Which incidentally I think I used too much of anyway, it doesn’t cinch as much as I’d like either). Overall though it sits in the place I intended and doesn’t feel uncomfortable, so that’s a plus.

Winter dress 2

Winter dress 5

I definitely like it better this way! Maybe before winter comes around again I’ll redo that centre seam, but then again maybe I won’t, I’m still happy with it either way. I love that this was so easy. The hem of the jumper made a perfect skirt hem without any fuss.

I will be trying this trick again, though maybe with things I can wear sooner, because I now have to wait for winter evenings to roll back around again. At least when they do I can snuggle up in this easy dress and drink hot chocolate all night.

Jumpers to dress before and after

Hayley Margaret


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