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“I Made That!” Monday – Chair Cushion Cover

A few weeks ago The Boy and I redecorated our kitchen. I used some pretty tartan-style fabric to make a table runner and matching curtain to hide our bin. I bought a bunch more of this fabric to make (also matching) chair cushion covers!

curtain and table runner
Matching curtain and table runner to match the blue walls of my kitchen!

Though I’ve only finished one so far – I thought I’d share it with you because…well…it’s too small for the chair! Haha!

chair cushion 1
My lone chair cushion…

To be fair to my sewing self I made the cover to accurately fit the cushion… I just never measured the cushion against the chair!

The Boy almost fell off his (cushionless – that one’s mine) chair laughing when he saw it.

chair cushion 3
The cushion without cover (hand for scale) – looks normal size right? Maybe we just have giant chairs…

In my defence, the cushions seemed quite big and a perfectly normal size for a chair seat – even sitting on it I maintain it’s a decent size, definitely big enough for my sizeable booty. So I’ve decided not only to keep it, but also to continue and make three more the same. I actually quite like the strip of chair seen around the cushion – a bit of contrast! – not to mention that I still have three more cushions this size! Whoops! At least they’re unique!


  • Measure properly! Though the cover fit, I should have measured my chair seat before I bought the cushions. Silly.
  • Stop and think – whilst sewing this cover up I made a stupid mistake and sewed the box corners twice as long as they should be (an inch either side, instead of in total) which made for a much thinner cover:
    chair cushion 4
    If I’d have thought about it for a second I would have realised this would happen and prevent all the redo-ing I had to do!
  • I’m really happy with the ties and how they sit, topstitching is slowly improving!
  • Make another three I guess?


I’m hoping that I also have a bit more of this fabric left to make other bits with, though I have no idea what yet – place mats? Pot holders? Napkins? All of the above?

What are your favourite kitchen accessories? (and do your chair cushions fit your chairs?)

Hayley Margaret


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