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Summer Reading Challenge!

This post was inspired by one written by Christa over at A Voluptuous Mind. She shared her summer reading list challenge and I thought it was a fab idea. Especially seeing as I already read and finished a book this month already! (That’s not cheating, right? I started it after the 1st!)

The gist is to complete your summer reading list between June 1st and September 1st. Now while Christa’s gone for an impressive 20 books, I don’t think I can manage that many and have decided to set myself a more likely goal of 10. That’s an average of roughly 3 books a month!

These are the top 10 books on my to-read list at the moment (in actuality it’s a very long list and continually shifting priorities), and I’ll be getting through as many as I can this summer!

Here goes:

  •  1 (& 2 and 3) Red Rising, Golden Son and Morning Star – Pierce Brown.
    These are the three books in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy. You might have guessed, as I finished and reviewed Red Rising earlier this week. I really enjoyed it and have already buried myself in the next one!

Untitled design

  • 4. Hidden Bodies – Caroline Kepnes. 
    I read and reviewed You, earlier this year on Christa’s recommendation, it was her top book of 2015! Since then I’ve had the sequel on order from my local library and it’s still not arrived. I’m going crazy to read this book so if it’s not arrived soon I’m going to just have to buy it…(what a hardship!).
  • 5. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (stage show script) – J. K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne.
    Of course this is on the list. I have my tickets to go see the stage production sequel to my favourite franchise in August and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the script book on Harry’s birthday (how perfect).

  • 6. The Sudden Appearance of Hope – Claire North.
    I’ve previously read and reviewed The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and (because I loved that) Touch. This is the newest book by this same author, and the premise of a girl always forgotten – like her others – is so intriguing! 

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  • 7.  Dietland – Sarai Walker.
    Another recommendation from Christa (seriously, she has all the good books, go check out her #onewomanbookclub!) This looks so good, and anything tackling the exacting standards women are often held to with regards to beauty and weight is worth a read in my eyes.
  • 8. Pretending to be Erica – Michelle Painchaud.
    Randomly picked up off a shelf in a bookshop for the cover, and found it looked pretty interesting too! (Don’t you love it when that happens?) I love a good heist story! Add a bit of moral ambiguity and identity confusion and this is right up my alley for an easy summer read.

  • 9. The Diviners – Libba Bray.
    I’ve wanted to read this book for ever now. It’s been on my Goodreads to-read list since last year, I just suck at getting around to my list! First brought to attention (I believe) by Jill over at Pink Panther Snipes (could be wrong but think it was you, so you get the credit!), Supernatural crime-solving in the 20’s? Yes please!

    Untitled design (2)

  • 10. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon.
    This one is last because it’s the first of (I think) 8 books in this series so far? I don’t think I’ll be getting through them all before september, but they may keep me warm over autumn and winter! I’ve been wanting to get started on the Outlander series for ages now, because I’ve heard fabulous things!


So that’s my summer reading list! (It seems a lot now I’ve typed it all out!) Better get started on it. This weekend I’ll be jetting off to Portugal for a week in the sunshine. If that lovely schedule button works out right, I’ll already be here and cracking on with my reading.

Hayley Margaret


What’s on your summer reading list?


6 thoughts on “Summer Reading Challenge!

  1. Ah, yes to The Diviners!!! I really hope you like it! I’m the worst and still haven’t read book 2 even though I loved the first one.
    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the other books on your list as well!

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