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Weekly Small Pleasures – Focus On The Happy Things

This is most definitely not a blog for politics, and I’ll leave those debates for those much more eloquent and better-informed than I. Nevertheless, I’m not going to lie, with the events of the past week unfolding in here in the UK, it’s been hard not to feel a bit of sadness, disappointment and anxiousness for the future. It’s easy to get swallowed up in news reports and worry of what might/could/will happen and let the good things pass you by.

If there was ever a week for me to sit down and focus on the small little happy things, it’s this one.

Weekly Small Pleasures is a blog event headed up by Mani over at A New Life Wandering, in which we share the little things that have made us happy over the past week.

So what were my Small Pleasures this week?

    • My ceiling leak wasn’t so bad.
      When we came home from a lovely holiday to find a puddle of water on the bathroom floor having been steadily leaking from the ceiling, I thought, this is a bloody joke right? Can’t I live anywhere without water falling from on high? Luckily, after some investigation and tightening of pipes in the loft, all is right again. It seems a strange thing to be happy about, but I’m aware it could have been much worse (and far more expensive to fix!)


  • Date night.
    On Saturday night The Boy and I went to see a theatre production of Guys and Dolls. It was a lovely night, we had Mexican food (my favourite, always a winner) and let our inner children shine in our local arcade before the show. Thoroughly good times.


    • Tassimo! 
      A lovely friend of ours just gifted us a Tassimo machine that I adore. I am thoroughly enjoying having a mug of good coffee in a morning!



  • Kittens!
    This is by far my favourite. The Boy and I are adopting kittens! This past week we got confirmation of being able to go pick them up on Saturday so we have been buying half of Pets at Home in preparation and I am beyond excitedWe’ll be having two adorable bundles of fur joining our little family and I can’t wait.


So. Excited.

Until next time.

Hayley Margaret

Those were my small pleasures this week, how about you? What little things put a smile on your face?


11 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures – Focus On The Happy Things

  1. Yup^^ best to focus on the small pleasures when times get so turbulent. YAY for good food, movies and KITTENS. I have two cats and they are my family! I wish you the best of luck with the and hopefully you’ll share some pics/updates as you go 😀

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    They have THE sweetest faces.
    I’m looking forward to hearing about your summer reading–The Sudden Appearance of Hope sounds good!
    I know–it’s been a rough year for politics all-around. Glad you’ve had some positive things to focus on as well!

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  3. HM, I am the worst commentor at the moment and you’re so good but I love this list and I completely agree with what you’re saying, it’s too easy to be bogged down in fear and misery. I’m so excited about your kittens which I know you now have living with you! You’re going to be the greatest cat mumma since, well Jillian herself! So jealous of you both, I feel like I need a blog mascot pet though at my rate I’ll be lucky to get a fish. Oooh maybe I’ll get a fish…? xoxo

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    1. Oooh, definitely get a fish! You could give it a ferocious shark name a la Shark Month.
      I’ve morphed into such a cat lady already, like I’ve suddenly aged 40 years and found myself doing crosswords eating Worther’s Originals with a cuppa and a cat on my knee. (Not even kidding.) xx


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