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“I Made That!” Monday – Little Lace Headband or Getting my Mojo Back

Just a little one today. I mentioned yesterday about how I’m struggling with my crafty mojo right now. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I started in on making some clothes, and it takes so much longer than small little makes that I lose patience and motivation.

What I really needed to get my groove back was a couple of instant-gratification makes, which I’ve been getting on with for the last day or two. The first thing was thing cute little stash-busting 10-minute-tops headband.

I was inspired by a Pinterest pin of this little tutorial for a lace headband. I love the three-layer version in the tutorial and I’m definitely going to do one of those soon! I didn’t have three different types of appropriate lace laying around though, so I’ll have to get some especially.

What I did have laying around was this black lace strip and a small bit of black ribbon, off cuts from some other projects and put aside for later. Cue lightbulb idea to use these up in a modified headband in the same style.

Stash-busting trims and buttons.

The contrasting buttons were just an cute added extra. I figured I had to sew the lace and ribbon together, why not top with a pretty thing? So I sewed the ribbon and lace together in the process of sewing the button. Two jobs, one stone. Even quicker results.

Simple, but cute.

I actually had the buttons out to glue-gun onto hair grips, making some new hair accessories (another one of those quick crafts) when I thought they’d look good adorning the lace instead. I have plenty of buttons to glue to hair grips anyway!

Despite what it looks like here, I did was my hair this morning.

When the headband is tied up on my head you can’t really see the buttons, they’re just for me to feel glam knowing they’re there. Ignore the mess please, I had to get my mane out of the way to show off this bit!

In it’s simple glory on my mop.

Yesterday I made this, lined up a bunch of things to glue gun (definitely going to be a favourite habit of mine) and also knocked up a sleep/eye mask for myself, which I adored so much I’m thinking of making some more and having them be the first things in my elusive dream etsy shop. (I’ll be sharing that next!)

I also thought out a bunch of festive things to try for this year’s 12 Crafts of Christmas series. I know it’s way too early, but I just love Christmas. Also planning.

This is quite easily the simplest thing I have ever made. It took ten minutes at the most, yet I love it because it’s given me my creative bug back, which is great. I was feeling lost and aimless without it.

What do you do when you lose your mojo? How do you reconnect with your hobbies?

Hayley Margaret


4 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Little Lace Headband or Getting my Mojo Back

  1. That headband looks super cute! And the process looks simple enough that even I might give it a go 😂 I’d love some cute headbands for Lilly and if you do t open that Etsy store soon, I just might have to start making stuff myself 😂


  2. I hate it when I loose my mojo but I have learned that having a few days of from making things helps and if all else fails buying a beautiful bit of fabric makes me want to start stitching again. Love the headband.


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