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On The Third Craft of Christmas 2016 – Hanging Pine Cones!

It’s my favourite blog series! On the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite Christmas-based crafty activities from all over the internet. (Most of them will be – or have been – tried by yours truly!)

The 12


On The Third Craft of Christmas, I will share with you:

Hanging Pinecone Decorations


I saw these on this Christmas tree breakdown over on Make It & Love It from a few years ago and fell in love with how easy and pretty the pine cone decorations looked.

As is the case with most of the things I try I thought Hey, I bet I could do that – and on this occasion they turned out really nicely!

Glue gun fun

I used stripy twine to hang the pinecones instead of jute or string, mostly because I couldn’t find any string on hand and with it being the most expensive month of the year I am loathe to go out and buy some when this twine looks just as cute!

Not the prettiest handiwork but it’s due to be hidden by ribbon, so I’m not worried.

I used ever-classy jelly pots to stand the pinecones upside down so I could get at the bottoms of them with the glue gun.

I was really excited for this particular craft – I’ve not used my glue gun as much as I’d like. so any craft that involves potential burning piques my interest a little more than another. I really need to find another glue-y craft soon!


Covering up the messy glue with pretty ribbon

Unlike the little tutorial over at Make It & Love It, I didn’t glue the ribbons to the string. I don’t like the finality of that choice! I know that next year I’m going to be changing the colour scheme of the tree from blue to red, so I don’t know how the white ribbon will fit. I wanted the chance to change it to a red ribbon next year if desired. (So much forethought for pinecones).

How they look hanging on the tree.

Although I expected them to be really cute, I was really taken by how lovely they looked. I think they’ll be the highlight of the tree!

I couldn’t actually find pinecones “in the wild”, I think next year if I want do do more pinecone decorations I will have to look even harder in my local wooded areas. These ones I bought in a bag from a local bits’n’bobs shop – which might even be better – they’re already treated and not going to be going mouldy, plus they’re “Christmas spice” scented which is just lovely.

Now what to do with the rest of these….

Hayley Margaret

Now I have pretty pinecones on the tree. Do you collect nature and make it fancy?



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