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On The Sixth Craft of Christmas 2016 – Felt Christmas Trees!

On the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite Christmas-based crafty activities. (Most of them will be – or have been – tried by yours truly!)

The 12

Today’s craft is getting me back into my hand-sewing!:

On The Sixth Craft of Christmas, I will share with you:

Felt Tree Ornaments!


I wanted to get back to sewing – my favourite activity – so these next few Christmas Crafts will be stitchin’ themed!

The process.

What I made today were these cute tree-shaped felt ornaments that I found by Kristen over on Domestifluff. I’ve only tried the tree ones so far but the wreath ones she has made are so pretty as well!

I’ll share the instructions for the tree ornaments here for you all to have a gander at:


Of course, full credit for these instructions and the idea goes to The post is definitely worth checking out. If you like the trees, Kristen also has instructions to make matching bell and wreath ornaments too!

I used snippets of the red and white striped string I used tying around my wrapped Christmas gifts this year. I had loads of it left and i think it goes well with the colour scheme – though I would like to try these in a blue embroidery thread too, to match the blue on my tree!

Joining the Christmas party.

Here’s what they look like on the tree! I’m hoping to get time to try some more felt crafts later on this week as well. These were fun to make and easy – perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend preparing for the big day!

Hayley Margaret

Are you nice and chilled the week before Christmas? Relaxed and time for crafts or running about like crazy? It may seem like I’m the former – but there’s a fair bit of running around still to do as well!



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