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On The Ninth Craft of Christmas 2016 – Book Page Christmas Trees!

On the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite Christmas-based crafty activities. (Most of them will be – or have been – tried by me!)

The 12

Today I got to play with one of my favourite things (no not the glue gun for once): books!:

On The Ninth Craft of Christmas, I will share with you:

Book Page Christmas Trees!

Now I’m not going to lie, this one conflicted me a little. I mean I love books, so this Craft was both fun to do, but also felt a bit like sacrilege.

But it’s books, and glitter and Christmas, so I gave it a go. It helps that I had this random book lying around that I don’t care for. I ordered Libba Bray’s The Diviners (because I’ve been saying I will read it FOREVER) from a seller on Amazon and they sent me this instead. I got a refund and they told me to keep the book, but it holds no interest for me, so what to do with it but turn it into a Christmas decoration! (Or two, but that’s for another day!)

book tree 1.jpg
Don’t want to read it so…cut it up and cover it in glitter, right?

The tutorial for this make is over here at and it’s pretty easy!

book tree 3.jpg
Just keep foldin’ foldin’ foldin’ foldin’

I decided to take the suggestion the tutorial made about adding a bit of glitter to the sides of the pages because I love glitter. Any excuse! Though I did put the tree together before adding the glitter. Trying to stick together glittery-gluey pages seemed like a recipe for mess. (I suppose I could have waited for the glitter and glue to dry, but I’m impatient!)

before and after glitter.png
Before and after the addition of glitter. I think both are pretty!

Instead of adhesive to hold the two sides of the tree together, I liberally applied double sided tape instead, which seems to be holding well! The only thing is the glitter doesn’t show up well on camera – it’s very fine and white, but trust me it is there and pretty and shiny, I promise!

book tree 8.jpg
Glittery Goodreads.

This is a really sweet little make – good for a subtle centrepiece. That’s what I’ll be using mine for – Christmas dinner this year is just me and The Boy on the actual day, so just a cute little something to adorn the table is enough!


Thats it for today! Tomorrow I’ll be getting the wool back out and on Friday I may be doing something with the remnants of this poor book!
Hayley Margaret

Do you have a tree that’s not a tree? Share your unconventional trees in the comments! 


5 thoughts on “On The Ninth Craft of Christmas 2016 – Book Page Christmas Trees!

  1. This is so so cute, HM. And this is the first time I’ve actually thought about making one of your creations myself (well probably not the first but the first I can remember!). So effective and looks so straightforward. Am totally going to see what I have lying about later this evening. Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

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