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Triumph: A Return to the blogosphere

Today’s Daily Post one-word prompt is Triumph, so I find it a little serendipitous that this is the day I decide to take a deep breath and jump back into blogging – my own little triumph.

It’s been about four months since I’ve been around – sorry to say that also includes keeping up with all the blogs I follow, as well as posting here. To be totally honest, towards the end of February I decided to make some real life changes to improve my physical – and mental – health, and as I’ve never been particularly healthy it was a struggle to get used to. I poured all of my motivation and dedication into creating a lifestyle and routine I was happy and comfortable with, leaving little left for my other creative pursuits.

That I’m returning to blogging now is a triumph for me – it means I have succeeded in settling into that routine enough that I have excess time, energy and motivation to turn back to my beloved sewing and crafting – and sharing my creations and thoughts here. I’m in a better place, health-wise and mentally – and if you’d told me four months ago I was going to sign up to my first 5k I’d have laughed in your face (and yet I have, it’s in August and I’m terrified!)

Four months doesn’t seem like that long, but in this space of time I’ve been on holiday twice, gotten engaged and gotten myself an exciting new job that I start soon. Like I said, I’ve been a busy bee over here!

Untitled design (3)
Paris (Feb), my engagement (April) and sun-loving in Majorca (May)

So apologies to everyone I’ve neglected over this last little bit. While I know you’ll all understand the need to take a step back and focus on my own wellbeing for a while I’m definitely looking forward to catching myself up on all your blogs and what you’ve been up to!

So I’ve given the blog a mini face-lift and tomorrow it’s Monday – and I’m excited to show you what I’ve been making! It’s been too long since an I Made That! Monday post!

I hope you all have a little triumph in your day today too. I’d love to hear them!Hayley Margaret (1)



12 thoughts on “Triumph: A Return to the blogosphere

  1. Welcome back and congratulations on your engagement! We have started since you left, so we will be looking forward to your crafty creation posts 😃🦉

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