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“I Made That!” Monday – A Triple Bill

I posted yesterday about how happy I was to be returning to crafting and blogging (two of my favourite hobbies!) and today I have a few things to share with you. I’ve been sewing and crafting sporadically through my mini-break and as I’ve not posted in a few months I thought I’d give a quick rundown on three of my favourite recent makes!

1. Comfy Sleep Mask

Untitled design (5)

A comfortable little mask I made when it started to get warmer. I like to have my windows open to get me some of that cool fresh air, but who wants to be woken up at silly o’clock when it starts to get light? Or be disturbed by streetlights and moonlight? So I drew out a rough pattern and whipped this little baby up. I used some spare floral fabric, off-cuts from an old silky dress I used to own (hello recycling!) and some elastic for the headband part. It’s super comfy and I’m definitely considering making myself a lovely white lace Bride embroidered one much closer to my wedding (and matching ones for my girls? Yes please!)

Untitled design (5)

2. Baby Shower Rosettes

Rosette Canva 2.png

Recently my close friend became an auntie for the first time and she approached me with a project. She wanted to throw her sister a beautiful baby shower, complete with cute rosettes for the mum-to-be and close family. Of course I said yes, we can totally do that (then I set about figuring out how to actually do that!) In the end we came up with a design involving netting, ribbon and my trusty glue gun – we topped them with cute stork charms and added brooch pins to the back for easy wearing. Aren’t they great?

Rosette Canva 1

Untitled design (5)

3. New Cushion Covers

Cushion covers canva 1.png

In February we got a new sofa. It’s soft and comfy and grey – which goes great with the general scheme of the room, but unfortunately doesn’t look great with our cushions which range from a vintage beige/brown to cream. Cue an excuse to make up some nice new cushion covers! I chose this teal blue chevron pattern fabric from John Lewis (thanks for that voucher, Santa!) and whipped up some envelope-style covers. I like this pattern for cushion covers best, and not just because it’s the easiest! The blue of the covers matches the colour of our stripy wallpaper so it brings the room together nicely. Now I just need to make a few more – I love cushions!

Untitled design (5)

I’m glad to be back to crafting – I really enjoyed making these things and I’ve got some other things up my sleeves to make and share with you in the next few weeks – jeans turned into a denim bag anyone?

What have you guys been up to recently? In sewing, crafting or general life?

Which of these makes was your favourite? Let me know if you’d like more in-depth instructions for any of them, I’d be keen to try my hand at a tutorial!

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