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Refashion: Jeans to Handbag

In my last issue of Love Sewing (the best birthday present subscription ever) I found a tutorial for turning an old pair of jeans into a cool denim bag. What a great use for those worn out holey jeans that normally get thrown away! I have a growing pin collection (new obsession) and nowhere good enough to show them off, a denim bag sounded the perfect solution!

Jeans bag 1.jpg

I didn’t have an appropriately coloured pair of jeans ; most of mine are very dark and I wanted light faded bag, so I picked up a suitable pair at a charity shop in a £1 sale (a pound! What a bargain!)

Untitled design
Construction in progress. Clockwise: lining before insertion, lining pinned to outer bag for hand sewing, handle pinned before attaching.

I am such a fan of funky linings, so I used this contrasting cute floral fabric for the inside – reusing fabric from my scrapped Grace dress that was way too small – this project was all about recycling! The handle I bought for not-a-lot on eBay (sidenote, it came in a pair, so now I can make another one of these or use it for something else entirely!) and it was pretty easy to sew on – I found the below video on YouTube for anyone wanting to know how to sew these kinds of handles on.

I’ll have to let you know if the handle stays on, if not I might be after you all for some advice!

inside bag.png
I must admit, although the lining looks cute, hand-sewing it in was not my favourite thing in the world to do. Although it was annoying I think my ladder stitch didn’t turn out too bad!
Jeans bag 5.jpg

I love how the finished bag looks. I think how the parts of the jeans become the bag is awesome; the incorporation of the pockets in to the bag is useful and looks fab, I also love how the waistband makes a great bag top and how the seams of the jeans become a part of the design. All in all, a thumbs up!

– Ease of putting together
– Cheap
– Looks great

– Hand sewing the lining to the waistband (I put this off for so long. I made the rest of the bag in under an hour, then left it pinned and put off sewing the lining in for about a month. Whoops.)
– Could do with some kind of closing mechanism. Maybe a magnetic stud sewn in somewhere.

pins on bag

I do love how awesome my some of my pins look on it too! Now I have so much more room to grow the collection! To share the pin love, the majority of my pins are from Veronica Dearly (her monthly pin commandments subscription is my little monthly gift to myself!) and Little Arrow, with a few Harry Potter ones thrown in there too, naturally. Also my Pablo Pi-cat-so was a birthday present, it’s amazing!


What do you guys think? Between this and the jeans pocket bunting I shared a while back, I hope I’ve inspired you to try something different with your old and worn jeans instead of just throwing them out. They could have a whole new lease of life!

Hayley Margaret (1)

What do you do with your old jeans? Anything interesting?


4 thoughts on “Refashion: Jeans to Handbag

  1. This is so cute, and I LOVE the look with the pins on the bag!
    I wish I had the sewing skills for this because I usually just throw my holey jeans away and feel terrible since they’ve often given me years of faithful service.


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