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Recapping June

I like a good monthly recap; I have a planner/journal that I use and I like to assess and take stock of the previous month before I start with the next one, to see what I’ve done so that I can appropriately decide what I plan to do coming up. This works well for me on a life-organising level, so why not bring it here to the blog and do a bit of a monthly round-up? I’m going to try out sharing with you my top picks of of June from here on A Stitch to Scratch, as well as some picks from my favourite blogs this month too. So here goes!

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Here on A Stitch to Scratch:

This month I made my return to blogging after taking a break for a while! I’m really enjoying being back online, I have made a rough commitment to myself to post twice a week, around Monday and Friday (although this is going out on a Saturday, so already doing well with that, ha!). This is less than I was attempting to do before I took a break and to be honest it was stressing me out. I don’t blog to be stressed out! It’s a positive sharing experience for me, so I decided to cut it back to make it more manageable and enjoyable all round.

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“I Made That!” Monday triple bill

“I Made That!” Monday posts made a return in June. Even though I don’t make enough things to be able to post one of these every single week, “I Made That!” posts are definitely my favourite – they are essentially what I created this blog to be about in the first place! This month I shared a triple bill of little things I made over my blogging break, and also a second attempt at the Grace dress that became a big sewing fail.

I’ve been big into refashions lately too. This week I shared a post about ways to modify or refashion your old clothes to get the most wear out of them, and a few weeks back I turned a pair of jeans into my new favourite bag! More refashions are definitely on the cards for July, as well as getting stuck into more clothes making. I showed you all the 5 patterns that are top of my to-sew pile so now it’s time I put my money where my mouth is and got on with making them!

Jeans become bag: Magic!

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Elsewhere in the Blogosphere:

I of course would not do a round up without mentioning my favourite blog queens, Christa and Jill, who reviewed the creepiest sounding film ever here and here, respectively. Though I didn’t watch it – I am such a wimp and not a horror movie person at all! – their reviews are always great and I love reading them!

In more blog news, Itzi of Organising Chaos also made a return to blogging! I love Itzi’s style and content; I’m so glad to hear more from her – especially things like her weekly inspiration posts – this week’s is plant based. This post already led me to this amazing dinosaur planter craft idea which has gone straight on the list to do immediately. I think Fiance would be much more keen on my putting plants everywhere if they were housed in dinos.


In sewing blog world, The Sewcialists blog is back up and running! I wasn’t around during it’s original outing but you can bet I’m all aboard for this reboot. I’m excited about getting involved and trying out the challenges – the first is Tribute Month and begins in August – so you have plenty of time to plan for it! If you fancy getting involved, I recommend going over to The Sewcialist Blog to check it out!

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Bonus Points:

One thing I have discovered that I have been loving in June are some great hair tips and braiding tutorials from Milabu on YouTube. I start my new job next week and I’ve been looking for some new but easy hairstyles to change it up (and as I work lab-based these have to be contained and not hair-down). I love her tutorials as she has a similar length and style hair to my own – many other braiding ideas are all for super-long down-to-your-butt hair – it’s good to see how I’d do them with my own locks. This one below is my current favourite and the one I am trying to master at the minute!

I will share on Instagram when I finally manage to succeed at this – my clumsy fingers have never braided well!

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These were my June internet highlights; but what have you been up to this month? Is there anything out there in blog-land that has piqued your interest?

Wish me luck with the braiding!

Hayley Margaret (1)

What are your June highlights? (and would you like dinosaur plant pots?)


3 thoughts on “Recapping June

  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out, grrrl! I’ve missed seeing you around the blogosphere, but glad you’re keeping it as stress-free as possible.
    Those dinosaur planters are everything, and I want to fill my entire apartment with them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t they amazing? I think I’d definitely have to put succulents in them though, I’m not too good at keeping anything else alive! My next free weekend will be all about making a Catusaurus Rex for sure! X

      Liked by 1 person

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