A Fresh Start is Occurring (A Life Post)

I’ve been thinking a lot about fresh starts and new beginnings lately. Yesterday was my last day at my current job and it’s kind of a big transition for me. I’ve only ever had the one job, I (luckily for me) started it a week before I officially graduated university in 2012 and I’ve been there ever since.

Five years. A colleague laughed at me the other day when I said five years was so long for me to have been there. They said it wasn’t a long time at all and I suppose that’s true in the grand scheme of life, but I guess I was talking about more than time. The person I was five years ago was so different to the person I am today. I wasn’t a terrible person or anything, but I’m definitely aware of ways I’ve matured since I first took this job; I am less naive, more upfront, (mostly) less gossipy and more comfortable in my skin.

Untitled design.png
2012 vs 2017 (I clearly have not changed visually except to improve my makeup skills)

This job has seen me transition from being a new graduate living back home with my parents all the way through to owning my own home (and cats) and being engaged to an amazingly supportive, kind, funny and patient man (I am aware I am super frustrating sometimes!).

Speaking of The Fiance, there’s another thing this job has given to me. We met working together and though he’s since moved on it allowed us to create a close friendship which in turn became the epic romance we currently have. No matter how rough I may have felt about work occasionally in the past five years I’m always grateful to it for introducing us. I know that idiom about pens and company ink, but it doesn’t count if you plan to keep the ink pot forever right?


This whole new beginning has made me want to sort out and organise whole aspects of my life so that I have a fresh start in a multitude of ways. I’ve ordered and organised a new work wardrobe, put some semblance of a skin care routine together (instead of just putting whatever I have in the drawer at the moment on my face), and I’ve started a new planner / journal to keep my life in order. These things aren’t because of, or specifically for the new job, rather the job inspires me to start over new everywhere, it’s all getting an overhaul right now. Is that weird?

I’m now nervous for Monday but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’m still within my realm of experience, though granted I’ve not focused on this specific area since my degree – luckily I kept all my relevant textbooks to refresh myself! I’m really excited for this new chapter – the work I will be doing may actually be meaningful in the medical field one day and I love love love that.

I’ll keep you updated, wish me luck for Monday!

Hayley Margaret (1)

What was your last fresh start? Do they inspire you into life-overhaul like me?




7 thoughts on “A Fresh Start is Occurring (A Life Post)

  1. The mixture of excitement and anxiety! Awful and beautiful all at once.
    You will be amazing!
    Monday will be over and with that the hardest part.
    Have an amazing day and best of luck!
    Don’t forget to celebrate afterwards!

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  2. Best of luck to you! I know the feeling. I worked in the beauty industry for 19 years, and now I’m in business development for an IT company…big switch! LOL! But this job is actually what I went to college for, which I did before completing cosmetology school. I’ve had to learn as I go…19 years is a long time to remember something! HA!

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