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“I’m Making That!” Monday – WIP Sorbetto

I intended to post about this make fully finished today, but alas, it’s not done! I decided I’d share it anyway in all it’s mid-way, work-in-progress glory.

After the first Colette Sorbetto I made – forever ago – ended up a bit rubbish, I was a bit hesitant to try again. I’m hoping the change in fabric from a knit to a cotton will make a difference. I think the neck and armholes stretched out so drastically on the last one due to the choice of a stretchy jersey material. So far it seems to be a correct assumption.

sorbetto collage 1.png
Constructed top (and a zoomed in version!)

The fabric I decided to go with is this black music-note number. I bought it forever ago thinking it would make a good bag, back before I realised it wasn’t a good material for the purpose – too weak to make a strong holdall.

I also wanted to change it up a bit – I have used a plain black fabric for the back segment of the shirt, to offer a kind of contrast; I’m hoping the cool front pattern stands out a little bit more because of it!

Untitled design (2).png
Business in the back, partay in the front – a reverse mullet?

I’ve bound the neckline – which I’m not sure about, I cant decide if it looks okay or a bit stretched out and weird still. I still have to bind the armholes and hem the bottom – not much left to do to be honest. It’s looking pretty complete already. I’ve tried it on and the fit seems good which is great considering how much trouble I have had with fitting both the Grace dresses in the past, I guess at least I don’t have to consider my hips for this one!

Music Sorbetto WIP 3.jpg
Trying to detect neckline wonkiness…

I’m hoping to finish this in the next week or so, but I know it all depends on when I can get out to go and buy some more black bias tape to match the stuff I’ve used on the neckline. I hate when I run out of something part-way through a project – it inevitably takes ages to buy whatever I need and get motivated to finish!

So we’ll see how long this sits on my dress form until I get round to getting it done – I’m not so good at following through on finishing projects. I still had the bodice of the red check Grace on there until I removed it to put this on. I still haven’t done anything with that. Whoops!

Hayley Margaret (1)

How long has your last WIP been in-progress? What have you started that you still need to finish?




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