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Film Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

As I’m starting The 12 Crafts of Christmas soon, I thought I’d forgo I Made That! Monday in favour or something a little different. Today’s topic: one of my favourites. Harry Potter. How fabulous it is to be talking Witchcraft and Wizardly again with new conversational material! This time I’m branching from my usual book reviews…… Continue reading Film Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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In Bruges

It's a fairytale town, isn't it? How's a fairytale town not somebody's fucking thing? How can all those canals and bridges and cobbled streets and those churches, all that beautiful fucking fairytale stuff, how can that not be somebody's fucking thing, eh? (I am) In Bruges [Film, 2008]

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The good, the bad and the downright pointless.

It’s a sad fact that changes are made to a book before being deemed acceptable for the big screen. Every adaptation has its time in the mangling machine. We’ve all had that favourite book-turned-film, sometimes it’s not up to scratch, sometimes it is. But it’s always been changed. A little. A lot. Despite liking the film, those changes stay with us.
I want to talk about these changes, The Maze Runner edition.