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Refashion: Jeans to Handbag

In my last issue of Love Sewing (the best birthday present subscription ever) I found a tutorial for turning an old pair of jeans into a cool denim bag. What a great use for those worn out holey jeans that normally get thrown away! I have a growing pin collection (new obsession) and nowhere good enough…… Continue reading Refashion: Jeans to Handbag

Re-use, Recycle, Re-purpose · Refashion · Sewing

Refashion: Two Jumpers to Dress

I’ve been going through a phase of trawling charity shops for interesting pieces of clothing I think have got potential to be changed up a little bit into something that really works for me. This post is about one of those things, namely this wintery-patterned woolly jumper: Previously I’ve mentioned how I bought this jumper…… Continue reading Refashion: Two Jumpers to Dress

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Refashion: Jumper to Leg Warmers

I love a good pair of leg warmers, especially seeing as it’s still pretty cold around here. There’s just something about your feet and ankles being encased in extra woolly warmth that I appreciate, and I don’t have enough pairs by any means. So when I spotted this thick winter jumper in a local charity…… Continue reading Refashion: Jumper to Leg Warmers

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Tutorial: Old T-shirt To A Workout Tank Top

Today I’m going to share the details of one of my favourite life-hacks to get the last bit of life out of your shirts. I’m on a big clothing refashioning kick at the minute! I’ve already talked about what I do with old jeans pockets, now T-shirts! Every so often we all have those t-shirts…… Continue reading Tutorial: Old T-shirt To A Workout Tank Top

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Re-fashion: Jeans Pocket Bunting

Recently I’ve been playing with re-purposing and up-cycling old and worn clothes!

We’ve had a number of old and worn jeans being removed from our wardrobe lately and I’ve been harvesting as much as I can from them.