Challenges and Awards


Challengesclass-seal_seal-class-of-september-2014When I first started this blog in September 2014 The Daily Post were offering their Blogging U “Blogging 101” course at the exact same time. I’m so glad I jumped on board and started my blog off with the greatest of advice and support. It helped me start off with the basics like introducing myself, answering the Daily Prompt and playing with new formats. The course is repeated regularly so if you feel you need a bit of direction or want to become a better blogger, go for it!


Right up until the day before it started I wasn’t sure if I wanted to participate in NaBloPoMo, posting to my blog every single day for an entire month. How on earth was I going to come up with content (let’s not even think about good content) for 31 days? I did participate and I did manage to fill those 31 days with all sorts of new and different content. I participated in some new-to-me blogging memes and learnt the power of photo and quote posts. By the end I was happy to be able to stop, but super happy I’d done it! Maybe I’ll do 2015 after all!


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