“I Made That!” Monday

Here is where you can find pictures of all my “I Made That!” Monday goodies! On Mondays I like to post about something I have made, whether it be a sewing creation, baking disaster or random Pinterest inspiring idea. The links to each past Monday makes can all be found in the captions or below! Enjoy!


9 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday

    1. Thank you! Yes, definitely. I’ve always been one to quit a hobby when I’m not too good at it (I think it started with ballet as a child, which I quit when I couldn’t pirouette immediately!) but sewing has been one that I’ve just been determined to get better at, I love having something – however flawed – to show for my efforts in the end! 🙂

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      1. In so many ways, I think we are very similar. I did ballet too! 😛
        I can’t count how many hobbies I’ve given up on or never seen through for varied reasons. I’m glad you found something to stick with!!


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