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Sunshine Blogger Award!

Being nominated for a blog award is always a lovely feeling. I can understand why some bloggers don’t go in for them, but personally I feel glad to be thought of. The amazing Christa of A Voluptuous Mind, half of my favourite film-reviewing duo, nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger award the other day! Thank…… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award!

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Liebster Love!

Three nominations! Three nominations that I have for the Liebster award! Amazing! (Eventually I’m going to get around to writing about Berlin. Right. After. This.) Some of my new favourite bloggers; The Metamorphosis of A Wallflower, Still Life With Grad Student and The Pink Panther Snipes Again think I deserve this award! So thanks guys, seriously. Much appreciated. I’m…… Continue reading Liebster Love!

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One Lovely Blog Award!

I am so happy to say I’ve been nominated twice (twice! How awesome is that!) for the One Lovely Blog award. Both Metamorphosing Wallflower and Betzcee have nominated me and I’m so grateful! It’s lovely to think there are people out there who enjoy reading my blog that much that they think I deserve the recognition! Thank…… Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award!