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“I’m Making That!” Monday – WIP Sorbetto

I intended to post about this make fully finished today, but alas, it’s not done! I decided I’d share it anyway in all it’s mid-way, work-in-progress glory. After the first Colette Sorbetto I made – forever ago – ended up a bit rubbish, I was a bit hesitant to try again. I’m hoping the change in fabric…… Continue reading “I’m Making That!” Monday – WIP Sorbetto

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The Top 5 Patterns On My To-Sew List

I gather a lot of sewing patterns. I have a monthly subscription to the delightful Love Sewing which includes a free pattern with every issue and I also have a bad habit of buying patterns I think are cute when they are on sale! As I have so many I decided it was time to pull my finger out and…… Continue reading The Top 5 Patterns On My To-Sew List

Dressmaking · I Made That! Monday · Sewing

“I Made That!” Monday – My First Moneta

Hey all! So today is a celebration for me, I made my first dress!
It’s not perfect by any means but I’m super happy with it! Firstly – it’s wearable (ha!). I went out in public in something that I made, which is a novelty for me!