A Fresh Start is Occurring (A Life Post)

I’ve been thinking a lot about fresh starts and new beginnings lately. Yesterday was my last day at my current job and it’s kind of a big transition for me. I’ve only ever had the one job, I (luckily for me) started it a week before I officially graduated university in 2012 and I’ve been there…… Continue reading A Fresh Start is Occurring (A Life Post)

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Triumph: A Return to the blogosphere

Today’s Daily Post one-word prompt is Triumph, so I find it a little serendipitous that this is the day I decide to take a deep breath and jump back into blogging – my own little triumph. It’s been about four months since I’ve been around – sorry to say that also includes keeping up with all…… Continue reading Triumph: A Return to the blogosphere

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Introducing Rhubarb and Crumble

It occurs to me that while my Instagram and Snapchat feeds have been clogged up with kittens, my adopted furbabies haven’t yet had a proper introduction here on the blog.

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Weekly Small Pleasures – Focus On The Happy Things

This is most definitely not a blog for politics, and I’ll leave those debates for those much more eloquent and better-informed than I. Nevertheless, I’m not going to lie, with the events of the past week unfolding in here in the UK, it’s been hard not to feel a bit of sadness, disappointment and anxiousness for the future. It’s easy…… Continue reading Weekly Small Pleasures – Focus On The Happy Things

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Summer Reading Challenge!

This post was inspired by one written by Christa over at A Voluptuous Mind. She shared her summer reading list challenge and I thought it was a fab idea. Especially seeing as I already read and finished a book this month already! (That’s not cheating, right? I started it after the 1st!) The gist is…… Continue reading Summer Reading Challenge!

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The A – Z of the Birthday Girl

If you hadn’t picked it up, today is my birthday. (Or it should be if this is posted when it was scheduled to be). To celebrate, I decided to partake in a little thing that’s been making it’s way through blogs near and far. The A – Z of me. I’ve read quite a few now,…… Continue reading The A – Z of the Birthday Girl

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Celebrating Love

I like to think of the big V-Day as a celebration of love as a whole. Whether you have someone in a romantic sense, or whether it be love for your parents, siblings, friends or children, we should be celebrating those that we love. And on this big Love Party Day, don't forget to show yourself… Continue reading Celebrating Love