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The Daily Post’s Photography 101, Day five. Theme: Solitude. Solitude isn’t synonymous with loneliness. Sometimes, like this early morning taking pictures on the beach alone, it’s peaceful and tranquil. Advertisements

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Water, Water, Everywhere.

The Daily Post’s Photography 101. Day 3 Theme: Water. I have cheated a little with this image. I didn’t take it today, it’s from my trip to Amsterdam a year ago. I chose it, though, because of it’s orientation. Most landscape water-y photos I take are…landscape. I love that this one is a portrait shot. It’s…… Continue reading Water, Water, Everywhere.

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Street: Rush Hour

The Daily Post’s Photography 101, Day 2: “Street. To capture your street snapshot, wander your own neighborhood — or explore someplace new!” Sometimes, streets are just the paths we take to get home.

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Home, Or Something Like It.

The Daily Post’s Photography 101, Day 1: “What does home look like or mean to you? Share an image in a new post.” Over the course of our (so far) two-year relationship, The Boy and I have both lived at three separate addresses and with recent drama, we’ll be moving on again soon. I’m so tired of…… Continue reading Home, Or Something Like It.

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Pinch Punch, Pun of the Month! (March 2015)

This month’s pun is a closed-down sofa shop I saw a while back. With a name this good, I’m surprised it’s closed! (In addition, I’ve signed up for Photography 101 which starts tomorrow! I’m going to try and put a crafty sewing spin on the photos I take for it, let’s see how that turns…… Continue reading Pinch Punch, Pun of the Month! (March 2015)