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Recapping June

I like a good monthly recap; I have a planner/journal that I use and I like to assess and take stock of the previous month before I start with the next one, to see what I’ve done so that I can appropriately decide what I plan to do coming up. This works well for me…… Continue reading Recapping June

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Refashion Life Hacks: Get The Most Out Of Your Clothing

It happens to us all, we open our wardrobes, pick out something to wear and think, oh dear, that’s not going to last much longer. Or that won’t fit soon! Or we even still have those items hanging around that have gotten a bit holey or too big / small but we can’t throw them away. We could still use them somehow, right?

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The Twelfth Craft of Christmas – A Christmas Crafts Roundup!

Man, Christmas, New Year and the aftermath really took over my life there for a little bit! I intended to post my 12th Craft of Christmas Roundup on Christmas eve, but alas it was not to be. We had three sets of parents to visit, a wake up time of 8am and we arrived home after 10…… Continue reading The Twelfth Craft of Christmas – A Christmas Crafts Roundup!

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Weekly (or monthly) Small Pleasures. A January Wrap Up.

Can anyone else believe it’s already the end of January? It seems last week I was mourning the last vestiges of festivity and now suddenly a whole month has passed. It’s nice that the end of January is a Sunday, it means I can turn this edition of Weekly Small Pleasures into a monthly celebration…… Continue reading Weekly (or monthly) Small Pleasures. A January Wrap Up.

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Happy Birthday Little Blog.

Today marks a whole year since the first post here on A Stitch To Scratch. In it, I introduced myself and my plans and hopes for my little blog.

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An end to November and NaBloPoMo

It’s the end of November, which means it’s the end of NaBloPoMo too. I actually can’t believe I made it this far posting every day for an entire month. I’ve learnt a lot during NaBloPoMo, including; How to write a post without three days of procrastinating and self-doubt How scheduling posts works, and how awesome…… Continue reading An end to November and NaBloPoMo